Tailored courses delivered by trainers with top business expertise.
Hands-on learning to facilitate sustainable change.

The Keystone portfolio of courses addresses different types of populations and management levels within an organisation and covers an entire series of essential competences—from managing yourself to managing teams, interactions, projects and change.

Every course is built specifically for each client, considering the specifics of the business, its strategies and objectives, as well as participants’ development needs.

All of our courses have a strong practical approach and consist in a high level of interaction between participants and the trainer, whether in-class or online. The proportion of practical sessions comprises 60-70% of a course’s duration.

Previews from the portfolio. For more information regarding the structure, content, and methodology behind our development programs, reach out to us.

The structure of a ‘blended learning’ program may consist of:

Determining and analysing people’s learning needs — addressing how the program will satisfy these needs and how its success will be measured after implementation (considering KPIs and other assessment methods, incl. The Leadership Circle 360° degree assessment)

Elaborating the content and choosing the delivery methods, so that the entire program — agenda, presentations, individual & group exercises, case studies, role-playing sessions, etc. — can appeal to the specifics of the audience and fulfil the learning objectives

Training courses (in-class or online) — highly interactive learning sessions designed to help participants understand and assimilate the delivered knowledge and practice the relevant skills

Follow-up activities — through interactive workshops, practical evaluations or on-field training, participants are supported to effectively use the newly learned practices and techniques in their day-to-day work environment

e-Learning and/or AI support — online learning tools that help participants practice relevant skills in their own time, in a safe space; whether by completing practical modules on New Heroes, interacting with our AI-powered chatbot, EdBot Pro, or engaging in coaching sessions with our AI conversational avatar, PersonaPro

Coaching sessions that help participants develop an even better grasp of their existing abilities, resources and talents

Teambuilding events that follow the natural stages of team formation and consolidation, encouraging individuals to collaborate in delivering high performance.

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