Create effective leaders with the most comprehensive leadership assessment and development tool available today.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP) is a 360° leadership assessment tool based on The Universal Model of Leadership, which integrates the best theory and research on leadership development available today. The science behind it magnifies why leaders do what they do and how they can transform (

TLCP is the only tool of its kind that measures 2 primary domains of leadership:

Reactive Tendencies

Creative Competences

The model integrates the available information so that the internal assumptions and beliefs that guide behaviour in both domains are brought to light. As a result, the key opportunities for personal development are made immediately visible.

With The Leadership Circle Profile, you can expect:

  • assessments that deepen awareness
  • comprehensive explanations – insights into the self
  • an intuitive and integrative model
  • expert coaching to facilitate lasting change.

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