Iulian worked at Philip Morris International for 15 years in the field of training and organisational development. He coordinated the creation and delivery of training programs for the Sales and Marketing departments. Iulian held various important managerial positions—National Training Coordinator, Manager of Organisational Development in Sales—in Romania and abroad, in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was responsible for, and actively involved in, the delivery of training & organisational development programs. Additionally, he conducted a high number of selection and recruitment programs, assessment and development centres and programs for developing talents within the organisation.

During the last 16 years, as trainer and main consultant within Focus Plus and as the company’s co-owner, he has been preparing and delivering Training, Coaching and Teambuilding sessions for various companies. His portofolio includes: GXO, CEVA Logistics, Coca Cola, Vodafone, eJobs Group, FrieslandCampina, ISS Facilities, Dussmann, Kaufland, LeasePlan, Arval, Michelin, MOTUL Germany, Castrol Lubricants, Augsburg International, Dacia Renault, Ortopedica, Pambac, Murfatlar, Pernod Ricard, Philip Morris, Rompetrol, ExxonMobil, Bejo Zaden, Hamilton, Yazaki, Cummins, Liberty Steel, Bosch.

Iulian is a certified trainer for Situational Leadership® and for the REACH Methodology for Strategic Thinking. He collaborated in international projects with three leading training companies: Schouten & Nelissen (The Netherlands), Kantar Retail (UK) and Invalio (France).

He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1992, successfully attended a Master Trainer Program in France in 2003 and graduated from the International Coaching Academy in 2014.

Since June 2019, Iulian has been working as lead trainer and Managing Partner of Schouten Romania. He speaks and works in Romanian and English.

Iulian Chihaia

Managing Partner

Ciprian Vuza

Managing Partner

Ciprian is recommended by the following areas of expertise: 7 years spent in a hi-tech Industrial environment as Expert Engineer in the Nuclear Power Plant; 15 years in FMCG Sales and General Management; and 15 years of training and consultancy, as co-owner of Focus Plus, for Sales Force Effectiveness Programs. He led various national sales organisations in Philip Morris Romania, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

He has demonstrated his skills and capabilities within training and coaching programs for Lafarge, Schneider Electric, Onduline, Samsung, ISS, Michelin, Exxon Mobil and more, both in Romania and abroad: USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Egypt, France.

In partnership with the Academy of Economical Sciences (ASE Bucharest) and AGORA (University of Oradea), he has developed Entrepreneurial Skills, Managerial Skills and Carreer Counseling Programs.

He is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation, a certified trainer for Situational Leadership II® and certified facilitator for the REACH Methodology of Strategic Thinking.

A Diplomat Engineer graduate from the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, he also holds a Master’s Degree in European Economics and Finances.

Since June 2019, Ciprian has been working as lead consultant and Managing Partner of Schouten Romania.

Corina contributes 20 years of experience in a top 100 Forbes companies, having worked in roles of increased importance in the areas of Marketing and Business Planning and Development. She has lived and worked abroad for 8 years in Serbia, Switzerland and Israel. As a result, she finds herself at ease within culturally diverse backgrounds.

Since 2014, Corina has been pursuing an independent path. She assists medium- and large-size organisations build up the maturity of their teams with programs for Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Systems and Leadership Skills. She has developed and implemented a new Performance Management Model focusing on Feedback skills.

Corina is certified in The Leadership Circle Pofile™ instrument for 360° leadership assessment and development for individuals and teams. She works with leaders to enable them to approach change, tackle tough challenges and thrive. Her passion and sensitivity enables her to operate effectively at all levels within an organisation. She helps large organisations develop their leadership to a greater level, supporting them to increase the agility of their leaders to operate in complex and rapidly changing times.

Corina graduated as a Licensed Economist in Management from the West University in Timisoara. She is a coach accredited by the ICF.

Since June 2019, Corina has been working as a trainer and consultant for Schouten Romania. She is proficient in Romanian, English and Italian.

Corina Bega

Trainer & Coach

Roman Tanasiciuc

Trainer & Coach

Roman has almost 20 years of experience in the Sales industry, out of which the last 11 exclusively dedicated to training activities. His projects with Altex, Efes Romania, Philip Morris International and SAB Miller comprise a relevant business card, as Roman contributed to the development of educational programs for the Sales & Trade Marketing teams and acted as a training coordinator. As an HR Manager, one of the important projects he developed was “the learning path”: the multi-level, multi-annual program for the Sales and Marketing departments of SAB Miller (URSUS). 

Roman has mainly been developing and implementing personalized training programs with a focus on developing human resources. Among important clients he has worked with are BCR, Codecs, INA Schaeffler, Sika Romania, Pernod Ricard Romania, Ropharma, ANSIT, AIESEC, ISS Romania, Casa Auto Brasov.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is widely used during his sessions, so that participants can benefit from a perfect mix between theory and practice. He facilitates unique learning experiences, each time bringing out surprising results.

Roman integrates coaching during the on-the-job training sessions, so that his trainees can find their unique, individual path to achieving their objectives.

He graduated the International Coaching Academy and he is an international trainer in Points of You™.

He holds an MBA in Client Management Relationship, OU London, completed in 2008, as well as a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Business Communication from “Vasile Alecsandri” University in Bacău.

Since June 2019, Roman has been working as a trainer & consultant for Schouten Romania.

Florin is a self-starter with 25+ years of experience in business practice, executive management and corporate training.  He has taken his set of skills, knowledge and education, as well as a natural ability to interact with people from different cultures, to build a successful career in Marketing and Sales, adult education and Project Management. 

All in all, Florin has rolled up his sleeves and gotten his hands dirty by doing the job in the field. He knows that businesses want an expert who understands people and technology, someone who can motivate teams to learn, to grow—someone to whom they can relate and respect. 

As management consultant, Florin has provided relevant knowledge and expertise to a range of projects: regarding efforts to maximise return from marketing efforts at the point of sale for largest tobacco marketer in the world; regarding key initiatives to build effective sales teams and activities in Iraq, Jordan, Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, China and Canada for the largest producer of cement in the world; regarding the development of an e-learning package for small business owners in New Brunswick, Canada; regarding how can small and big organisations use the Internet and modern information systems to collect, structure, analyze, and disseminate sales and market data.

As corporate trainer, Florin provided quality services and quickly gained client’s confidence for several training projects. He has served major brands such as Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, Ballantines, Lafarge, Jim Beam, Mol, Sabic, KPC, Lafarge, Lysol and Calgon

Florin also got involved in complex trade development projects in the Middle East, in China and in Central and Eastern European markets, requiring in-depth knowledge about the external environment, as well as internal analysis of regional affiliates. The track of successes, while employed by Philip Morris, includes courses delivered in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia. He was Project Manager for sales information systems, nationwide retail census in Romania, and for L&M American Cinema and Marlboro Music Tour.

Dr. Florin Vladica holds a PhD from the joint Ryerson-York Universities Program in Communication and Culture in Toronto, Canada, an engineering degree in radio navigation, an MBA in E-Business from the University of New Brunswick in Canada, and an Executive MBA from ASEBUSS Bucharest & Washington University in Seattle.

Florin conducts business in English and Romanian, holds dual citizenship Canadian & Romanian, and commutes between Europe and the Middle East for professional engagements.

Since June 2019, Florin has been working as a senior trainer & consultant for Schouten Romania.

Florin Vlădica

Trainer & Coach

Anca Radu

Trainer & Coach

Anca has over 17 years of experience in training and consultancy, as an entrepreneur, trainer and consultant in organisational development and HR. Her areas of expertise are: business development, author/co-author and coordinator of training programs and development of management teams, departmental, sales, talent management.

Anca entered the HR industry in 1997 as CODECS Regional Director Open University Business School UK, and since 2001 she has continued her career as a founding member of her own training company.

Anca has experience in the design and management of people training and development programs, in private companies, public services and administration, in the fields of: communication, leadership skills, team development, managerial skills, sales and customer delight, change and transition management, negotiation.

Among her certifications are: professional degree in Management, Open University Business School, UK; Certified Project Management Computing for Commerce and Industry, UK; Executive Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching, UK. She is certified in the Hogan Assessment Systems® methodology and in Practitioner Points of You™.

Together with a strong team of professionals, Anca has designed, led and delivered training, development and consulting programs for many clients. Her portfolio includes: Nobel Automotive, Adient, E.on Group Romania, Petrom, Romgaz, Metro Cash & Carry, Carrefour Express, Lafarge Romania, Veolia Energie, National Agency for Mineral Resources, Brau Union/Heineken, Cambric/Tata Technologies, Ropharma, Bioeel, Gedeon Richter, Schaeffler Romania, Quin, Medlife, Sika, Țiriac Auto, Auto Italia.

Șerban has gathered his business experience in the USA and in Romania. He is an internationally certified and accredited Master Coach and has led the Local Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. He worked with the Italian School on the implementation of a major project at the level of the board, as partner for the Balkans. 13 years ago he was Senior Partner for Marshall Goldsmith CEE, during which time he also worked on the implementation of a project at CEO level.

As a facilitator and mediator, he is invited by corporations to moderate and interpret, together with teams, the results of measurements made and the finding of the truth and significance behind these results.

Since 2003, Șerban has implemented projects as a Senior Trainer Partner in banking, B2B and telecom sales. He has worked with clients such as Raiffeisen, Piraeus, BCR Asigurări, RTC, Mobifon, Telemobil.

Since 2005, Șerban has developed his own projects, an example being the Goodyear Sales Academy, a complex program that continued until 2013. Originally intended for Goodyear partners, the program was extended to the board and potential managers.

The Premio Academy was launched in 2009, a strategic retail project after which Goodyear opened 48 dedicated service stores. The concept and implementation was carried out with the help of the iConsultants team.

Șerban is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute, TCM mechanical engineer, 1990; EMBA 2000, specialising in General Management; Master Certified Coach (MCC), 2020; and the International Coaching Academy, 2009.

Gabriel Șerban Chinole

Trainer & Coach

Maria Dimieru

Trainer, Coach & Psychologist

Maria is a trainer and coach with 8 years of experience in organisational development. She has worked in the field of recruitment, performance management and training.

She is an Associate Certified Coach by the ICF. She has a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Maria has participated in numerous programs catered to the improvement of leadership competencies in organisations. Since 2015, she has been delivering trainings covering the improvement of abilities of active listening, assertive communication, non-verbal communication and the increase of tolerance towards negative evaluations and confrontations. She has experience in the development of complex assessment centres that have the purpose to select the best candidates for occupying key positions within an organisation.

At the same time, Maria has been involved in processes meant to optimise the organisational climate through individual sessions of counselling and coaching.

Since June 2019, Maria has been working as a trainer and consultant for Schouten Romania.

After 15 years in the tobacco business (1995-2010), Dejan left his position as Country Manager for Philip Morris Macedonia & Kosovo in order to join and lead Ferrero’s distribution team in Bulgaria. Returning in Macedonia, he was exposed to new professional challenge as head of sales at Cisco Systems responsible for Macedonia, Kosovo & Albania (2011 – 2015). Dejan’s training capabilities are demonstrated during programs that he delivered for field force members of Diageo, Imperial Tobacco, Nestle, Zott, Castrol and other clients.

The trainings and programs he delivers for various field sales teams, as well as their mid- and upper-management, are licensed at the Center for Adult’s Education in Skopje.

Aside from commercial activities, Dejan is an associated lecturer on Faculty of Business Economy and their Institute. In parallel with activities for informal education, Dejan is upgrading his formal education—a Bachelor’s degree in Economy—by mastering Social Sciences at University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.

His professional network, his fluency in languages of former states and his in-depth understanding of local cultures and markets enliven Dejan’s professional activities across all former Yugoslav countries.

Since June 2019, Dejan has been working as a trainer and consultant for Schouten Romania, covering the Adriatic Region.

Dejan Stojanovic

Trainer & Consultant
Adriatic Region

Tzvetan Tzvetcov

Trainer & Consultant

Tzvetan started his career with Philip Morris Bulgaria in 1992. He performed a variety of sales functions, starting from basic merchandising, through team supervision, business development and management of major clients.

He has had international assignments in Ukraine, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia, where he proved his capacity to deal with ambiguity and to understand mentalities in culturally diverse environments. Tzvetan has led the sales team in PM Bulgaria and, after 18 years in PMI, continued his career leading the sales and distribution of Ferrero in Bulgaria.

Afterwards, Tzvetan joined the new organisation of Bulgartabac as Director of Business Development. For five years, he has expanded the BT international tobacco business in Western Europe and Adriatic region. Between 2010 and 2018 he worked as a Business Partner of Focus Plus, conducting projects for Onduline and Pierre Fabre DC.

Tzvetan has significant expertise in Sales Force Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking and Change Management.

He graduated as a Computer Science and Microelectronics Engineer in 1990. He speaks and works in Bulgarian, English, Russian and Serbian.

Ștefania has acquired a high-quality education that encompasses the subjects of interpersonal and intercultural communication, cognitive science, and social theory. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from the University of Sussex, UK, and a Master’s degree in Cognition and Communication from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her ongoing interest in the fields of sociology, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology continually inform her holistic perspective on personal development and collective growth.

Currently, Ștefania is a final-year doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Interdisciplinary School of Doctoral Studies, the University of Bucharest. In the context of this activity, she facilitates seminars in English for students of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, and also counsels students engaged in completing their bachelor’s thesis.

Throughout each stage of her academic education, Ștefania dedicated herself to the study of human subjectivity, analysing the principles, experiences and emotional states that motivate people to discover common ground and to find new understandings beyond unconscious beliefs and perceptions: through empathy, the expansion of knowledge, and compassion.

Since 2019, she has been working as Business Development Manager for Schouten Romania. She also acts as a facilitator in teambuilding events.

Ștefania is a Trainer and a Counselor for Personal Development accredited by the ANC. She speaks and works fluently in Romanian and in English.

Ștefania Chihaia

Business Development Manager & Facilitator