… or e-Doing.

Our rapidly shifting age requires of us a rock-solid foundation in soft skills. This is true whether we talk about career, relationships or social circles.

By soft skills, we mean the finer little personality traits required of us to cooperate, innovate and perform. Things like communicating effectively, being a team player or a team leader. But also setting boundaries assertively, managing others, and learning to relax and unwind.

New Heroes provides an excellent platform to work on soft skills, be it to learn new skills or to gain an edge in challenging situations. We masterfully combine our soft skills expertise with our experience and knowledge of online learning.

Soft skills develop through the student’s repeated application of what (s)he has learned to specific situations.


online modules


tailored to individual & organisational development needs

psychological development

in real time

In order for a behavior to change, the individual must practice.

No one becomes more assertive by reading texts or watching videos. This is why our training courses are packed with hands-on tasks. We are thus offering an effective learning method that can cater to different individual learning styles and needs.

A newly learnt skill is better retained and refined when it is integrated within one’s natural environment. This is why we use practical assignments to encourage our users in their real-world practice of new skills: asking them to leave the computer screen and interact with their surroundings, genuinely and eager to grow.

So we don’t call it e-learning, but e-doing

… online courses in the form of learning journeys. Because we believe that the journey is far more important than the destination.

Each journey evolves naturally and fosters real-time psychological development, because it contains:

  • new experiences akin to real life scenarios
  • some moments meant to challenge the individual to hone her skills
  • and others to motivate her with little victories.

As in life, with every step taken and every learning done, our users will discover something new about themselves and their ability to perform highly.

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